Do You Have a Kiddo Who Loves Essential Oils??

Or Are You a Big Oil User and Want to Include Your Child in Your Passion??

Most of the time moms can make everything better with a kiss & a hug.

But sometimes they need a little extra help.

Good thing that “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!”

From bumps and bruises to paying attention in class, “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!” explores all the many “fixes” that moms have at their fingertips.

Each page of “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!” has a new Mom and Child combination and the oils recipes for “Mom’s Fixes.”

About the Book

Moms everywhere use natural solutions to support their families everyday. “Mom’s Got An Oil For That!” has real life recipes for many of the common everyday “Mom Fixes.”

Everyone will find a “mom” they can relate to in this book. There are a variety of moms from all different cultures loving their children of all abilities and helping with life’s daily boo boos.

And if you don’t have a mom in your life right now… not to worry, more books are coming. Get “Dad’s Got An Oil For That!

Did you know?? A portion of the proceeds from the sale of each book goes directly to Signs of Hope International (SOHI), a non-profit organization that supports the academic goals of deaf/hard-of-hearing students.

If you don’t know about SOHI, learn more HERE.

Meet the Author & Illustrator!!

Ronai Brumett


“Mom’s Got An Oil For That!” started from my love of essential oils and the idea of my becoming Nai Nai (Grandma). I started to look for books to read to my new grandson and realized there just weren’t any children’s books about essential oil usage. So I wrote one myself! Learn more about Ronai at

Christina Winther


Christina Winther is a Norwegian born freelance illustrator. She earned her degree in illustration at Høyskolen Kristiania in Oslo. Her passion is visual storytelling and character design. She illustrates books, reports and product packaging and her style is whimsical and semi-realistic. She lives in Oslo with her three children, a cat and a golden retriever. Learn more at - All Rights Reserve - Copyright @ 2023